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Want to learn fuel-efficient driving habits for your Astoria commute or running errands in Brooklyn? Learning how to be fuel-efficient can save money on gasoline, ensuring you are getting the most out of your gas tank. Many of the vehicles at City Buick GMC are already fuel-efficient, but learning how to save fuel while driving on hills can benefit everyone. Learn how to be fuel-efficient with these driving tips from the experts at City Buick GMC, as well as the perks to choosing us for your next fuel-efficient vehicle.

Fuel-Efficient Driving Habits

Whether you’re wondering, “How can you save fuel while driving on hills,” or you want to lessen your carbon footprint, there are many ways to create more fuel-efficient driving habits. Read more to learn how to be fuel-efficient:

  1. Accelerate Slowly: Whether you’re merging onto the highway or pulling out of your Great Neck driveway, accelerate softly. The more force you press on the gas pedal, the more fuel that is needed. Experts advise to accelerate smoothly and give your vehicle five seconds to get your car up to 10 mph from a standstill.
  2. Avoid Congestion: Stop-and-go traffic not only eats up a large amount of fuel, it also adds wear and tear to your car. Another effective fuel-efficient driving habit is to avoid rush hour whenever possible. Leave a little earlier or later.
  3. Slow down: The faster you go, the more fuel your car will need. Staying between 55 and 65 mph on the highway is recommended as a fuel-efficient driving habit. Remember to follow speed limit signs.
  4. Coast to a Stop: If you can, as long as there’s no need for a sudden stop, coast to a stop rather than riding your brakes. And how can you save fuel while driving on hills? Slow down as you move uphill, and use your car’s momentum to coast downhill.
  5. Forgo Air Conditioning When Possible: Air conditioning can use up to 20 percent more fuel than when you don’t. If you must use the air conditioning, don’t turn it on full-blast. Opt for the recirculate function.

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